This class incorporates higher level skills to prepare your dog for competition (Odor Recognition Tests and competitive trials) or to achieve your personal goals. We work on more difficult searches, pattern training, complex air currents and wind, converging odor, hone skills and build stamina, and learn to cover a room quickly and efficiently. 

This is an ongoing class and is held in the Schertz/Garden Ridge area.

Prerequisites:  Introduction to Odor, or with instructor approval

Intermediate  K9 NOSE WORK®

Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

Dogs who are competing at all levels will learn to take their skills to higher levels.  We continue to reinforce our foundations while increasing the challenges through strategic hide placement.   We continue to work on pattern training, complex air currents and wind, converging odor, building stamina, and covering a room quickly and efficiently. 

This class is ongoing and meets in a variety of locations to expand your dog's searching skills and ability to work through myriad environmental distractions.

Prerequisites:  Intermediate K9NW, with instructor approval

K9 NOSE WORK® drop-in

Visiting students or those enrolled in one of the existing ongoing classes This class is for those who:
·        want more practice before they join the next class
·        want exposure to a variety of environments but are not attending a regular class
·        may not be able to commit to an ongoing class

This class may be held at the above locations and each team will work at their own level of proficiency. 

Prerequisites:  Introduction to K9 Nose Work, with instructor approval

In this class, dogs begin learning to hunt for a specific target odor (birch).  We build on the introductory foundation to train the concept of searching for an odor and communicating when it is found.

As your dog learns the concept, we continue to build on our foundation and advance his scent discrimination skills by adding three more odors (anise, clove and cypress).  

The searches expand in scope and difficulty, and we introduce techniques for building effective dog/handler teamwork. Distractions will start to test your dog's motivation to find the odor.

This is an 8-week class and is held in the Schertz/Garden Ridge area.​

Prerequisites:  Introduction to K9 Nose Work®, instructor approval

Advanced K9 NOSE WORK®

Learn the basics of K9 Nose Work® and build your dog's drive to hunt.  Watch as he searches for food and develops confidence and independence, all while burning lots of mental and physical energy. Dog/handler teams work one at a time in the search areas, allowing each dog to focus and learn with minimal distractions. You’ll begin to build your observation skills and timing of rewards. Whether you choose to continue in classes or pursue competition, you'll leave this class with a new bag of tricks that will keep your dog grinning for life.  

This is an 8-week class and is held in the Schertz/Garden Ridge area.

Prerequisites:  Dog should not show aggression to people, instructor permission

Introduction to Odor  (Birch, ANISE, CLOVE & CYPRESS)