A reliable recall is possibly the most important skill you will ever teach your dog.  It could save his life! Some dogs are innately more likely to come to you, but all dogs can learn to come reliably.  Instilling this reliable response usually takes months of consistent training and positive reinforcement. 

In this short focused class, get off to the right start with your dog.  You will learn the techniques to practice that will build this skill into a dependable behavior for your dog.

Prerequisites:  For dogs 5 months and older
3 weeks

Rockin' recalls

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You’ve probably heard the talk about how humans with dogs are healthier because they exercise more. A number of scientific studies support this statement; however, what those articles fail to mention is that if your dog drags you, lunges, or tangles you in the leash, those walks may not be that fun.

In this short class, you will learn techniques to practice that will teach your dog that pulling on the leash does not work.

Prerequisites:  For dogs 5 months and older
3 weeks

loose leash walking

You have to leave for work ... your puppy is not housetrained and is looking longingly at the leg of your favorite chair.  What do you do?  Risk it or confine your puppy?

You are taking your dog on a trip and you want to be sure he is safe in the car.  The dog friendly hotels require you to confine your dog in the room.  How are you going to do this?

When trained properly, most dogs accept their crates as a familiar and safe location.  Dogs are den dwellers and naturally tend to like snug spaces.  Teach your dog to love his crate - just try to get him out of it! 

Prerequisites:  For dogs and puppies of all ages
3 weeks