A Sniff ‘n Go is a great opportunity to run truly blind searches without the pressure of a trial.  



General Information:

Searches will be set by CO-in-Training, Penny Winegartner. They will be videoed and select runs will be sent NACSW for review as part of Penny’s requirement for completing her CO (Certifying Official) training.  There will be searches for Levels 1, 2 and 3 for Interiors, Containers and Exteriors. Multiple search areas will be set for levels when feasible.

We will begin with Interiors, then Containers and Exteriors will follow. Each element will begin with Level 1 challenges and progress to Level 2 then Level 3. Brief breaks will be taken between each level to allow the search areas to be set.  Briefings and walk-throughs will be held immediately prior to each element/level.

How to Register:

  • You may sign up for any level, regardless of the level at which you are training and/or competing.
  • You may register a second dog, but if only one search is set for that level, you may not be able to run blind with your second dog.
  • Register online to attend. You will receive an invoice via PayPal.
  • Day-of registration and additional runs will be offered if space is available

$30 - 3 runs on one day (there will be multiple searches for each element and level where feasible)
$10 - Additional runs at any level (this may be selected the day of the Sniff ‘n Go)

Saturday Schedule:

Arrival/Check-In – 8:00 am (At the security station tell the guard that you are here for the Nose Work event.)

Briefing and Walk-Through– 8:30 am  First run to follow.

Crating will be in your car. No shaded parking will be available.  Please bring your own shade if weather conditions warrant.

You may leave as soon as you have completed your searches or remain to socialize

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Sniff 'n Go