Seminar to help you understand your dog’s Aggression, Reactivity or Fear (ARF). Learn valuable tools for safety and the latest training methods experts are using to transform these difficult behaviors. (partnership with LoMa Behavior and Training)

Dog Training And Behavior in San Antonio. Fear, Reactivity, Aggression.

dogs with issues - seminar

Has your dog been so disruptive in a training class that you were asked to leave? Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs? Do you find yourself avoiding going for walks with your dog? The Reactive Rover class may be your answer. 

Prerequisite: Dogs with Issues Seminar (see below)Register here for the Reactive Rover Class.

BAT (behavior adjustment training) Class

reactive rover - class

private training

Training is available for dogs with behavior issues, such as fear and aggression, resource guarding and separation anxiety. Help them to change the way they view their environment and improve their behavior.

​Not all dogs are ready for a class environment, or your busy schedule might not allow you to attend the Reactive Rover class. We offer private and in-home training for those who desire a customized solution to improve your dog's manners.

This class uses Behavior Adjustment Training, or BAT, to rehabilitate dogs with reactivity issues, including fear, aggression, and frustration. While BAT is not the only tool we will use in this class, it is the central one. You will be amazed at how quickly the dogs progress. 

We determine the functional reward(s) for your dog’s problem behavior and then find other behaviors that can reasonably lead to that same reward.  By working with the dog in a sub- threshold (relaxed) state, he learns to offer this alternative behavior instead of barking and lunging, for example.

Prerequisite​: instructor permission / recommendation